Kumasi - Westafrika



In the midst of life and at the point of real happiness in the South of Spain, I am being separated unexpectedly in the cruelest way from my son and this dream life. A trip to Brazil ends in a nightmare of prison with my arrest due to a trap I ran into. For months, I live in a state of shock and cannot cope with the terrible prison conditions. I find out that I had been betrayed and have to realize that I have lost my son forever. My boyfriend Luciano lets me down as well as my own family. On... | ... weiterlesen

Gedanken zum Buch

with many issues and situations described in the two books one or the other might find him- or herself again. Those books will take you under a spell to read until you finished both. It will make people laugh and cry. In general it is a very tragic story without Happy end.


In silence we make our way back to El Palo. There I invite Michael to his favorite dish, crepes. While we eat I tell him for the first time about Luciano and that I wish they get to know each other and – so I hope – will be friends. "Mom, you must... | ... weiterlesen

Saturday morning, I am still tempted to ‘forget’ the bed-quilts in the hotel. But out of fear for Michael, I reject this idea again. I take a taxi to the airport, where I pack my luggage on a trolley and do my best to appear outwardly calm. Intern... | ... weiterlesen

Gitti came for me early in the morning. Silently, I sat beside her in the car until we arrived at the clinic where a lively back and forth was going on; most women were here for the same reason as I was. The ones that already brought everything be... | ... weiterlesen

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