The Naming of dead

Naming.jpgA murder has been committed - but as the victim was a rabist, recently released from prison, no one is too concerned about the crime. Thats is, until Inspector John Rebus and DS Siobhan Clarke uncover evidence that a serail killer is on the loose...

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Es dürfte der vorletzte John Rebus Roman sein.
Wieder eine sehr spannende Rebus Geschichte. Wobei sich seine Kollegin Shioban schon beginnt, etwas in den Vordergrund zu drängen.
Teilweise sind wieder gute Anekdoten dabei.
Für Rebus-Fans ein muss. Für Neueinsteiger würde ich es nicht unbedingt empfehlen. Man sollte die Charaktere schon ein wenig kennen, bevor man sich in dieses Buch stürzt.

He stopped by a folder of photographs. Some he had already removed and spread out across the surface oft the desk. Now he sifted through the others.

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Siobhan sat on the train - too early yet for the commuter rush -  and looked out at the passing countryside. Not theat she saw any for it. her mind was replaying footage of the riot, the same hours of footage she had just walked away from.

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Cafferty passed in fornt of Rbus and stepped outside. After a moment, Rebus followed. Cafferty was pacing the car park. Rabus lit a cigarette and bided his time till his nemesis was standing before him.

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