The Merry Misogynist

The_Merry_Misogynist.jpgDr. Siri is confronted with a serialkiller targetting lovely young women.
When the corpse of a village beauty turns up in Sr. Siri's morgue his curiosity is piqued. The victim was tied to a tree and strangled but she has not been raped. The victim has clear, pale skin over most of her body, but her hands and feet are gnarled, callused, and blistered.
On a trip to the hinterlands, Siri discovers that stories about beautiful girls tied to trees and strangled have already risen to the status of rural myth. It seems there have been other similar victims. He sets out to investigate this unprecedented phenomenon - a serial killer in peaceful Buddhist Laos - only to discover when he has identified the murderer that not only pretty maidens are at risk. Seventy-three-year-old coroners can be victims too.

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Der sechste Teil der Serie - Dr. Siri auf der Spur eines Serienmörders - so etwas hat es in Laos noch nie gegeben! Ausserdem ist Rajid verschwunden, der Verrückte, den Siri und seine Freunde unter ihre Fittiche genommen haben. Es beginnt eine Schnitzeljagd, die uns durch die ganze Stadt Vientiane führt, gleichzeit begleiten wir Inspektor Phosy auf seiner Jagd nach dem Mörder quer durch das Land. Eine wesentliche Rolle spielt wieder einmal Saloop, Siris verstorbener Hund, der immer wieder mit ihm Kontakt aufnimmt.
Zusätzliche Spannung und Würze erhält die Geschichte dadurch, dass die Gedanken des Mörders erzählt werden, was er tut, was er plant und warum das so ist.
Wie immer ein wahrhaft witziges Vergnügen, man kommt trotz der dramatischen Ereignisse kaum aus dem Schmunzeln heraus.

If the founding fathers of the great European languages had been at all aware of the efficacy of the Lao expression bo ben nyang, they would certainly have invented their own versions of it. It magically expressed, That's all right, it's not important, I don't care, you're welcome, no problem, plus several more obscure nuances, but with a Lao slant that suggested there was no matter of such great importance in the world that one needed to get one's knickers in a twist. The slender panic grass would continue to grow, and the orb of the sun would not cease its lethargic lob from horizon to horizon. It was a heal-all balm of a phrase, but there were times when it could be utterly infuriating.

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