Slash and Burn

Slash_and_Burn.jpgDr. Siri's bagged himself a holiday: an all-expenses-paid trip to the northern mountains of Laos. What's more, through a bit of skilful bartering (well, blackmail) he has wangled it so that his nearest and dearest may accompany him.

They are to assist a US-funded search for a lost CIA pilot - Boyd Bowry - missing since his aircraft was downed in 1968. But Siri's not taking the search too seriously, as he strongly suspects that when the helicopter exploded, the pilot followed suit.

However, just hours into the trip, it becomes apparent that ulterior motives are at work within the group. And Siri's suspicions are confirmed when those associated with the airman start dropping ike the insects that frequent the surrounding landscape.

Siri and co are caught up in something big: something that goes way back, and way over their heads. And, if this wasn't bad enough, a psychic of unquestionable repute then informs Siri that he will shortly die: in 'a day or tow', to be precise.

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Das neunte Abenteuer für Dr. Siri, der von seinem letzten Ausflug gesundheitlich noch sehr mitgenommen ist, sich aber davon natürlich nicht unterkriegen lässt. Gemeinsam mit seinen Freunden, seiner Frau Daeng und seinem Gehilfen Mr. Geung unterstützt er ein amerikanisches Team auf der Suche nach einem Piloten, der im Krieg mit dem Hubschrauber abgestürzt ist. Anfangs sind die Amis noch ganz verwundert darüber, was für ein wilder Haufen da auf Seiten der Lao antanzt, aber bald schon müssen sie einsehen, dass niemand eine Chance hat gegen die bodenständige Intelligenz der illustren Truppe, die auch vor übersinnlichen Phänomenen und Drogenmissbrauch nicht zurückscheckt.
Ein weiteres ungewöhnliches, ausgesprochen humorvolles und spannendes Lesevergnügen der besonderen Sr.-Siri-Art!

Each guest had his or her own bottle of syrupy green Fanta for refresehment, and bottmoless cups of lukewarm tea were available The Americans, unaccustomed as they were to Laos all-day meetings, drank thirstily. The Lao barely touched their drinks. After an hour and a half it became apparent why. There was a good deal of seat-shingting and leg-crossing from the American contingent and it was obvious that they were in need of a toilet break. Yet the seriousness of the day's affairs called for strict adherence to protocol. Nobody wanted a gaff of etiquette to stymie the talks. Being the first to go to the toilet could be seen as a sign of weakness. So they held it in.

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"I doubt he intended to kill himself', said Siri. 'He was involved in a session of auto-eroticism.' (He'd resorted to French as there was no lao equivalent for such a concept.)
'You do know what that is, I assume?'
"Of course I do,' Civilai replied. 'It's when you make love to your car. I'm quite fond of my Citroen."
"Civilai!' said Daeng.
'Sorry. Bad time for a joke. Bad joke for the time.'

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Quercus Publishing Plc
1. Auflage
ISBN-13: 978-0857381989