Apple of my Eye

A walking tour of New York from Battery Park to Harlem celebrates the architecture and history, landmarks, people, and pastimes of the Western world's most remarkable city.

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Dies ist der etwas andere Reiseführer, geschrieben aus der Sicht einer eingefleischten New Yorkerin in den späten Siebzigern, überarbeitet 1988. Hanff bekommt den Auftrag, ein Buch über NYC zu schreiben, und macht sich dazu nicht allzuviele Gedanken. Bis sie schön langsam draufkommt, dass sie noch nie bei der Freiheitsstatue war oder am World Trade Center. Und so begibt sie sich in Begleitung einer Freundin auf Sight Seeing Tour in ihrer Heimatstadt und macht eine Menge überraschender Entdeckungen. Für alle Fans dieser großartigen Stadt ist dieses Buch ein Muss, schon allein deshalb, weil man gut sieht, wie sehr sie sich in den letzten dreissig Jahren verändert und entwickelt hat.

The Frick Collection was the finest private art collection in the country, when Henry Clay Frick died and left it - and the mansion that houses it - to the people of New York City. (He was born in Pittsburgh.) It's another "palazzo" but entirely white - white stone outside, white stone and marble inside. And as often we'd both been there, entering it today was almost a shock, comint to it as we did from the somber darkness of the Morgena. The Frick house is all light and air.

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Off-Off Broadway theatres (which differ from Off-Broadway less in professionalism than in the price of the ticket) specialize in new, experimental plays performed in any loft or hole-in-the-wall available. But the ones that are the mos fun are those in the back rooms or upstairs rooms of Village restaurants and bars, where the audience sits at small tables and watches the play while sipping Sangria or New York State wine. The play may bore you; the audience won't. Which is to say that the real sighseeing attraction of an evening the the Village is the Villagers

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the Dakota is where John Lennond lived ant where his widow, Yoko Ono, still lives. After Lennon's death, Yoko Ono paid for the cost of landscaping a small plot of park land, encircling the 21/2 pear-shaped acres with exotic trees and shrubs and naming it Strawberry Fields; after which she gave the city one million dollars for the permanent maintenance of the memorial. If you walk over to see it, you'll also see, set in an adjoining path, a circular black and white marble mosaic depicting a giant starburst radiating out from the central word "Imagine". It was a gift from the stonecutters of the city of Naples.

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